New technology for microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria

December 18, 2014 | News, Press release

Copenhagen, Denmark, December 18th 2014 – Bifodan A/S is proud to announce initiation of a potentially groundbreaking scientific joint venture to develop a new technology for microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria. Endorsed and co-funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, Bifodan A/S will be joined by University of Copenhagen and Danish Technological Institute in an ambitious effort to be able to deliver probiotics alive for targeted release in the intestinal tract.

Probiotic encapsulation technology has the potential to protect microorganisms and to deliver them into the gut. With this project Bifodan expects to be able to expand our acid protection technology to our entire probiotic product portfolio – a technology, which is very limited in its current commercial availability.

‘The challenge of probiotic microencapsulation specifically, is to control temperature and water activity in the manufacturing process to ensure probiotic viability’ says Kasper Wennike, Head of Innovation at Bifodan A/S. ‘We are optimistic about a successful outcome, and very fortunate to be able to work with University of Copenhagen and DTI on this project’.

Innovation Fund Denmark supports strategic research, innovation and technological developments, which are expected to create competitive advantages for Danish companies. ‘We are very excited that Innovation Fund Denmark recognizes the demand for probiotic microencapsulation. That Bifodan are able to cooperate with University of Copenhagen on developing and scaling this technology, is nothing short of a technological breakthrough’, says Bifodan CEO, Steen Andersen.

Bifodan A/S develops and manufactures probiotic turnkey solutions for private label customers worldwide. Based just North of Copenhagen, Denmark, Bifodan delivers clinically documented, high quality probiotic products, manufactured at our GMP approved production facility. Bifodan has a long history in probiotic bacteria, as the company was founded by the first Danish dairy to isolate the lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria in 1938. Bifodan has been dedicated to research and development of probiotic nutritional supplements since 1992.
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