GMP excellence

As one of very few facilities, Bifodan’s manufacturing facility is dedicated and tailored to the production of finished probiotic solutions.

The site is GMP certified in accordance with the rules governing Medicinal Products in Europe, which allow for manufacturing of probiotic OTC pharmaceuticals. In addition, the site is approved for the manufacture of food supplements in accordance with the current EU legislation and also operates in compliance with the relevant regulation for dietary supplements in the US.

With an integrated manufacturing system set-up coupled with a rigid Quality Management system including a QP function, we fully control the product quality and consistently meet the quality requirements throughout every step of manufacturing process from the receipt of the raw material to the release of the finished product according to established specifications.

With modern and efficient equipment, including multiple capsule fillers, tablet presses, coating systems, stick filling machinery  and automated packaging lines, our capacity will accommodate flexible supply options with short lead times even on large batch sizes.


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