Delivery technologies

A safe passage of the probiotic bacteria through the harsh and acidic environment in the stomach and subsequent release and proliferation in the intestinal tract are essential for an efficacious product.

Unfortunately, many probiotic strains are by nature not very tolerable to acid and bile salts, and may only survive in very small numbers. Based on extensive research and product development, Bifodan has developed and patented a unique delivery technology, ProTarget®, designed to protect the probiotics from gastric acid and bile salts and to target the release of viable probiotics to the intestines.

ProTarget® meets the pharmaceutical standards for enteric coated capsules and tablets and is yet based on ingredients that are approved for dietary supplement use in most markets.

Test performed by independent research facilities show that probiotic capsules with ProTarget® increase probiotic gastric survivability and intestinal delivery 1.000 – 10.000 fold compared to the same capsules without acid protection.

The ProTarget® patented technology assures targeted release of viable probiotics throughout the digestive tract, right where they are needed.



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