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New Publication on LB Rhamnosus PB01

New Publication on LB Rhamnosus PB01 FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE. Copenhagen, Denmark, December 12th 2016 – Bifodan A/S is pleased to announce the publication of new and promising scientific evidence on its proprietary strain, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus PB01, and...

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Bifodan Scientific Advisory Board

Bifodan Scientific Advisory Board FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE. Copenhagen, Denmark / Massachusetts, USA, September 7th 2016 – Bifodan, manufacturer of private label probiotic finished solutions for the nutritional industry, is proud to present its newly...

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FastMelt Immuno

FastMelt Immuno FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE. Bifodan A/S Announces Release of FastMelt Immuno Copenhagen, Denmark, May 4th 2015 – Bifodan A/S, a distinct partner in probiotic finished solutions for the private label industry, announces the market introduction of...

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Ecovag® Copenhagen, Denmark, January 14, 2015 – Bifodan A/S, the Danish based, - specialized provider of innovative probiotic solutions, - announces the establishment of a separate Business Unit for its Ecovag® probiotic activities targeting women’s...

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